Network Design and Installation

Computers and information networks are critical to the success of today’s businesses, both large and small.  AA Network plans, builds and implements computer network infrastructures that connect people, support applications and provide access to the resources that keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly every hour of every day.

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Scalable network designs that can grow to accommodate new user groups and remote sites as well as support new applications without impacting the level of service delivered to your existing user base.



Design a network that delivers consistent, reliable performance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The failure of a single link or piece of equipment will have minimal impact on network performance.

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Security features are designed into the network infrastructure, not added on after the network is complete. Planning the location of security devices, filters, and firewall features is critical to safeguarding network resources.

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AA Network design infrastructure equation is built on an architecture that allows for both flexibility and growth. We strive to optimize application performance while providing a secure, efficient and reliable user experience.

Let AA Network design a network to grow with your business.